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How to set up several child product with working stock control in virtuemart 2?


There is two way to get working the child product with stock control in vm2.


A.) The first way is the "stockable variant" "plug-ins" custom field. That has a big center error. We try to figure out how can we modify the virtuemart core files, but its not easy. So we found another way to get working the stock control.


B.) The "generic child variant" method allow You to make child product with stock control. Only different is from the first method to reload the page on every choose. But we think its not a very big thing.


You can set up this child product with stock control. Please follow these steps:


1. Login to virtuemart.

2. Go to the components/ virtuemart / products / custom fields

3. The "Custom Field Type" is "Generic Child Variant"

4. Give some "Title"

5. Change the "Cart Attribute" to Yes


If You done everything You should see the following picture:



6. If its done, Save the custom field, and go to the products.

7. Choose one of the products, for that you want to add child products with stock control.




8. Go to the "Product Information" tab. And add as many child procts as many option you would like to show.



9. Go to the "Custom Fields" tab. Then choose from the "Custom Field Type" dropdown list the just created custom field.




10. If You done everything You will see the following on the product page.



You're ready. Every child product can have custom price, custom avaibility, custom in stock value.


Let's see our demo page. You can do it also. If You have any question or need help don't hesitate to contact us!