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J2 VM2

Increase Your webshop productivity NOW!


Have You ever had also problems with customers, who wanted to buy something, but interrupted the checkout process? Typical case to be disturbed by a child, or a pet, or need to check the cooking.


What do You think, are theese customers coming back to start again the checkout process? NO! The statistics say NO!


If Your customer interrupt the checkout process, s/he will NOT find the product again, and will NOT add to cart again, even if s/he come back later.


The solution is ready!


The VirtueMart Cart AutoSave Plugin! Don't waste your time for the lost customers!


Buy it NOW, and make more money!



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  • joomla 2.5 VM 2.x compatibility
  • save the cart's content automatically, if Your customer is login, but not finish the ckeckout (only left the page, or logout)
  • if Your customer come back and login, s/he get back the saved cart automatically
  • save the Quantity of the added product (If User adding 4 products, after relogin the cart will reload 4 pieces of the product.)
  • stock control option availability


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aWeb Cart AutoSave + aWeb Cart Admin